Thursday, 5 March 2009


What stage are you at with your healthy college project?
Currently we are beginning the editing process. We've finished filming, but we may need to do something extra to make up for the 8 shots each of us needs to do. We've done well in capturing what we wanted but sound was an issue. Luckily we now know how to get the best sound possible from the cameras, but there's no guarantee.

Are you confident that your group are working effectively and using their time wisely?
Our group work very effectively. Everyone is determined to do well and no-one slacks off. We make great use of the time we are given and always seem ahead of our game.

How did you feel about the functional skills examination?
The exam was much easier than the practice ones we did in class. We had an extra 15 minutes than we did in our practice versions, so I was able to finish.

How did you feel the functional skills presentation you performed went?
The presentation went well, but not as well as I hoped. Luke, who got confused as to when and what to click, made a few mistakes with the timing of the slide transitions, but it was my fault for I should have ran through the presentation with him beforehand. I was asked a lot of questions and I was perplexed by some (this being my downfall). After a long time thinking about what to say I managed to pull through.

Do you think your group will meet the 12:30 Thursday deadline for the healthy college project?
We should have a draft ready by then, but not a final version. We still have the narration to do, so I'll be very busy on Thursday doing that.

Work Experience
I haven't thought about this until now but if I were to get some sort of placement on a production team for some kind of TV show, that would be amazing. I want to know how the whole filming process works. I'd love to see professionals doing their job, so this way I can get a clearer idea as to what exactly I want to do. I've always fancied a job as either a casting director or a director. 

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