Monday, 9 February 2009


In our formal interviews we asked open questions to get as much as a response as we could. Both Bob Booth and Jane Marshall gave use plenty of footage we could use. I didn't have to refine the questions at all, as both interviewees got their questions before the interview, so they could prepare their answers beforehand. 

In our voxpops, I had to improvise my questions. Normally people wouldn't give a very thorough answer, despite the fact that the questions were fairly open. I had to beat a positive response from them, as this video is supposed to promote college. Getting decent answers out of voxpop interviewees was very challenging. I tried to work my way around what little they said by asking 'why?' a lot. I also tried to get them to tell us what their personal breakfast eating habits were and I added on that by relating to how college could help them. Responses were still lame, as people gave very short and hardly usable answers. We got one excellent interviewee, telling us all we could have ever needed. Unfortunately, we only have one very good interview, so we need to heavily edit our responses and use establishing shots to cover up the cuts.

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