Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jane Marshall Interview

Yesterday we filmed an important part of our healthy breakfast; the interview with Jane Marshall. At 2:00pm on January 19th, we entered the TV studio. 

We had numerous benefits by working in a television studio, such as:

- The controlled environment allowed us to film without any disturbance
- We had 2 cameras, so we could shoot at different angles 
- The cameras were of a high quality, so we could shoot high-quality footage
- The amount of lighting we had was exceptional, so we could shoot without worrying about it being too dark
- Our client (Jane Marshall) was in a television studio, sat down and relaxed, so therefore we could get clear answers
- By working in a studio, we learnt about a few things such as the green screen

My role was to interview Jane. My responsibility as an interviewer was to stay calm and ask questions to the interviewee (Jane Marshall) in a mature fashion. Due to me being the interviewer, other members of my group operated the cameras and the other equipment.

As far as health and safety goes, we had to make sure that:

- The lighting was secure and wouldn't fall on anyone
- The tripods and cables were out of the way of paths, so no-one tripped over them
- The counter-weight camera was acknowledged to be dangerous and to warn each-other that it would be going around the room
- We kept cool by not staying in their to long, and to take jackets and coats off because of the heating caused by lighting and a lot of people in a small room
- The floor manager was making sure that all these acknowledgments were followed

I enjoyed working in the studio. The experience was very informative, and it made me realise what the media industry would be like on a daily basis. It was a pleasure to interview Jane. She knew what she was talking about and this made her interesting to listen to and interesting to edit for the final video.

It was a challenge to speak clearly, which isn't a challenge in the real world, I guess my nerves got the better of me. I didn't find it too difficult to keep a straight face. Based on what I've seen the other groups do, I reckon I've faired better in trying to keep this affair a serious matter.

I feel as though I can act well, so when it came to nodding, (so we edit to that if we needed to) I faired well. I felt like an idiot; nodding, but I enjoyed the whole experience. 

I'm thoroughly happy with what we've got. Jane was a brilliant interviewee, she spoke clearly, she looked presentable and she gave us lots of footage we could use for the final video. 

Our shot composition fared well, considering we were all beginners at this. Nobodies' head was cut off, everything we wanted in our shots was there. Cameras stayed still and didn't wobble.

Luke did a good job at vision mixing. He got a good variety of angles where necessary and didn't cut when someone was in the middle of talking.

I feel as though I presented well. I was told this, and Jane said I was the best interviewer, and that I should be on TV (doesn't get any better than that).

We've got lots of footage to use and all of it is shot and presented exceptionally. What we got today will be a great asset to our final video.

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