Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Mid December

Working in Your Group

We have been given a brief by Sarah. This is our first major project which will involve the 3 production stages (pre-production, production and post-production). We have to make a 5-7 minute documentary on the theme of breakfast and how important it is to have. I personally asked Sarah for the most light-hearted brief, so we can make a not so serious film than the other groups will produce. 

It's been a challenge keeping every project we do, organized as we are now doing 3 at once. It can get quite confusing. Me, Luke, Michael and Jamie work well together. We've already decided on the theme of the video (i.e. positive and funny). I think myself as the leader of the group, but I shouldn't, as this video should be an equal joint effort. It has been a challenge having 4 people working on the same thing. I feel it would have been better if it was just 2 people working. 

Development of Ideas

We decided to make our final proposal, light-hearted. We decided that I should narrate and star as a presenter and actor. I will be presenting several times in the video to help move the video along and help involve the audience more. We decided to include cuts in between different parts in the video to showcase interesting and/or shocking facts about breakfast. 

We have come up with many ideas. Originally I wanted to make this video full of information, including scientific information. We realized that my idea wasn't very effective as our target audience is primarily young adults aged 16-22. We decided instead on a more comic approach. We are going to film a Braniac-style drama piece which will over-emphasize, but not lie about the benefits of eating breakfast and the downsides of not eating breakfast.

I also came up with the idea of us offering advice on what cereals are healthy and what were not. We later realized that this couldn't be done due to problems with copyright. We couldn't say that some brands were better than others. It's not going to be a review show.

We also cancelled the idea of telling viewers how to spot a healthy or unhealthy breakfast. We realized that this would be favoring brands too.

Project Progression

I'm concerned about the voxpops. Whilst our group has been given a much more easier subject to ask about, asking strangers questions is awkward. I'm also concerned about filming when the public will be there in the background. I'm worried that they might look in the camera's direction or make loud noises when we are filming.

I'm looking forward to filming our drama piece. I reckon we'll have troubles keeping straight faces, but it will definitely be worth it, as this idea is original and will make the video stand out from others. I'm also looking forward to showing it to other people to see what they think of it.

Our pitch presentation should go smoothly. As long as the powerpoint is complete and we are organized, we'll be successful in the presentation. I'm concerned a question might be asked that we might not know, so I'll improvise where I'll have to by thinking quickly to come up with the best idea for an answer.

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