Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Meeting with Clare Lambkin

We met Clare Lambkin this morning whilst visiting the Henry Mitchell Hall (which is where the tea dance will take place). Whilst there we had a look at the room's layout, as well as what kind of facilities there were there. We found a room where our acts can get ready to perform. Clare said that the room will have to be emptied in order for everyone to have enough room to get ready.

There was also a few items there we could use. As long as we get a pianist, we can have them perform on a supplied piano. We also found numerous novelty microphones we could use. There was also 2 projectors with screens already there, so we could play slideshows of old archive footage (for example) as the acts perform their routines.

We decided that dancers should perform on the floor whilst singers perform on stage. We will do this because the floor on stage isn't terribly even. Also, we feel if dancers perform on the floor, guests may feel the incentive to do so.

We discovered the college had all the rights to play any form of media. That's a lot off our minds. We also have the rights to do covers of any song too.

We also met up with Damian (a performing arts teacher at Bradford College) to discuss who may be interested in actually performing. He says a couple of people are currently interested. He also said his wife would be willing to sing. I can imagine her singing perhaps being the highlight of the show.

We are now designing flyers and posters for the show. After that we will need to work fast to get performers so they can have time to develop routines.

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