Thursday, 13 November 2008


This second term hasn't had the best of starts. Sarah was unwell for part of the first week, and work was scarce. Despite this, we had a man, Damian, come in and he talked to us about projects we could get involved in. Sooner or later, I'm wanting to write comedy scripts. Once completed, I want to post these on YouTube. I'll keep you posted for any developments on that.

This week, we filled in an online form for a work experience course in the BBC. I'm really wanting in. I also was being filmed for a discussion about Gok Wan's new program, Miss Naked Beauty. We discussed its concept on natural beauty and asked questions like whether the idea should be more widespread or if it would ever last. We also finished off filming our voxpops on Wednesday. We also took establishing shots of Bradford. We got permission to film on top of the Kirkgate car park, so we got some decent shots.

Today, we attended a event where a Steven Appleby, showcased his workgate. I wasn't impressed with his graphics at all, but his stories were interesting and funny.

Tomorrow, I'm attending two events at the Media museum: the scriptwriting workshop (hopefully this will help with my comic scriptwriting abilities) and a conversation with Al Jean (who's one of the producers on The Simpsons). The Simpsons is one of my favourite shows on the TV, and to meet with one of the

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