Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Month In....

How Have I Settled In?
I've made some good mates. Everyone here is great. The college is easy to navigate and I'm fully used to it. Our Mac suite is special. Despite the fact that these are different than PCs they're good to use.

What skills have I learned?
I've learned how to use a few Mac programs like the music creator Garage Band and the slide show program iMovie. I've learnt a bit about filming with a camcorder as we've done a few voxpops. Functional Skills with Francis has so far brought me up to speed with spelling and writing formal letters. It's not been a bad first month.

Work in the Capture Unit
This is our first unit. We've been looking at photojournalists like Robert Capa and Eddie Adams and their work. We had to chose one and make a slide show about them. I chose Alexander Rodchenko due to his influential work playing a part today (e.g. Franz Ferdinand and their album artwork). We've learned a bit about ethics in photography (e.g. should photographers intervene in what tragic scenes their shooting; should they help people?). We also had a task in which we had to make a slide show based on a word. I got action-packed. If you want to see the slide show follow this YouTube link:

Best Bit....
It would have to be going to the cinema. It just seemed like such a relaxing way to start the course and I really enjoyed The Dark Knight.

Worst Bit...
Surprisingly the Lake District. The coach trips were unbearably long and there wasn't much to do there. The food prices were outrageous and other groups who went were drug-taking mindless yobs who deserved prison. It wasn't very enjoyable at all.

Co-op Filmmakers Award
I couldn't believe how terrible the films were that we saw: awful acting, thoughtless scripts and a very long credits for such short films. So long were they that everyone who applauded (which of course was just manners) stopped half-way through the credits. I was so glad when Sarah said we weren't up against movies like that. I want more of a challenge. I'm thinking about writing a comedy script soon, perhaps during the holidays. I was thinking maybe the plot could revolve around the sheer greed of my dog.

Big Bradford Picture Hunt
I haven't gotten round to it yet but I will this weekend. I've got some good ideas, it's just waiting for the opportune moment.

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