Monday, 15 September 2008

Shock Blog's Beginning

Hello all,
I'm Ross and this is my blog. I'm 16 going on 17 and have just started a course at Bradford College, West Yorkshire, England. This blog is for my work.
Why have you chosen to come to college to do the Creative and Media Course?
Basically because I wanted to get in the film industry. It was a tough decision for me to make on whether to stay on till 6th form or to go to college. Whilst college has the better resources and more diverse courses, everyone I knew at school stayed on to 6th form. I'm treating college as a fresh start and hopefully I made the right decision.
What do you aim to achieve during your time on the course?
The knowledge I need to start making my own films. I plan on starting of by making short films and I will do as soon as i get a camcorder. If all goes well I be sure to post it on the web and I'll see what happens from there.
What are your career ambitions for the future?
I've wanted to work in film for some time now and I hope of going to the top and becoming either a director or a casting director. I like the idea of looking for new talent in the world of acting and this way I'd be able to meet lots of stars.
In a perfect world where would you be and what would you be doing in ten years time?
Making Oscar-worthy films across the globe with famous film-makers and actors. I would be filming big action movie stunts, the like that have never been seen before. I would be accepting awards at the Oscars, BAFTA's and other film award ceremonies.
What are your strongest skills or abilities?
I always seem to be the brains of any class, but unfortunately the least popular. Despite this I enjoy ice-skating (which I like to think that I'm good at), playing basketball and watching as many movies as I can get my hands on.
What do you think you need to improve on?
As I write this I've realised my typing skills aren't up to scratch. I should also work on trying to get out of bed earlier as this made me late at school a lot.
What do you think is important for working well in a team?
People have got to be similar if they are to work well. If they aren't there's that awkward silence I happen to come across quite a lot. They've all got to want to learn too; there's no use working with someone who just constantly gossips for example.
What are you most excited about achieving in the next two years?
Hopefully a knowledge of filming adequate to get in the business. If this course is what I think it is, I will acquire that knowledge.

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